Day 2:Exploring the Phunky Side of Philly

Today was our day to explore the city. We headed to South Street in downtown Philadelphia to begin our journey. The first thing we did was look for a local coffee shop because everyone needed some caffeine. To our surprise, the coffee was extremely tasty! We then split up into groups and explored the art-filled streets of the city. The numerous mosaic murals caught our eyes and we spent a considerable amount of time admiring the artwork.


Next, we were on our way to search for Philadelphia’s tastiest cheesesteaks (including vegan cheesesteaks!). Jackie had a chicken cheesesteak from the famous Ishkabibbles restaurant. It was delicious! Heba had her first vegan cheesesteak at Blackbird Pizzeria and it was freakin’ de-li-cous!

Then, we met out Community Partner, Naas and our Site Supervisor, Demetrius. They were very friendly (woohoo!) and welcoming. We are very excited to work with them and the students of John Bartram High School this week!

-Jackie & Heba


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