Alternative Breaking Out of Maryland

The day has arrived and we hit the road to Philly in our beautiful rental vans. #Enterprise. As a staff advisor, road tripping with a bunch of undergrads sounds both fun and terrifying, but through a shared love of 90’s R & B, 2000’s hip-hop, and passion for community service, we kept the 2.5 hour drive pretty smooth. #1.2.step #fergalicious #t.t.t.t.tastey

The First Presbyterian Church in Germantown is beautiful and a wonderful host for this trip. Germantown is a really interesting part of Philadelphia and our host gave us a colorful history of this diverse neighborhood. As we discuss issues of gentrification and access at our community partner throughout the week, the church and its neighborhood seem like a wonderful parallel to the issues we will face.

Today and tomorrow will be our only opportunities to integrate ourselves into the community we will be servicing throughout the week. The goal is to learn as much as we can to hopefully develop the trust necessary to enact real change in such a short amount of time. The bonding in the group has already begun to strengthen and soon we will be able to share that familial relationship with others during ASBPhilly2017 #irreplaceable.



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